April 5th to July 14th, 2024

Immediate Matters

Exhibition Series

Location / Artists: discotec.art / Kathrin Stumreich; EIKON Schauraum / Käthe Hager von Strobele; flat 1 offspace / Johanna Binder, Karin Maria Pfeifer, Sula Zimmerberger; M*Balthazar’s Laboratory / Johanna Tinzl; Marcello Farabegoli Projects / Hana Usuis; Magdalenenstraße 33 / Oliver Alunovic
Time period: 6th April until 28th April 2024

With its ‘Immediate Matters’ area of activity, the Klima Biennale Wien is turning towards radical local knowledge and the viewpoints and courses of action associated with it. Strategies from the Alpine region to the Pannonian plain, grassroots activism and community projects will open up opportunities for action that systematically address the future issues raised by the climate crisis. A network of activities, exhibitions, performances, participatory art projects, living labs and forums of encounter will stretch from the Biennale site at Nordwestbahnhof across the city’s entire urban space and offer creative, utopian, but also practical solutions. The Klima Biennale Wien is well aware of the importance and creative potential of the local art scene. That is why it called upon art initiatives, free spaces, producer galleries, artist-run and independent spaces, small art associations and other non-commercial art spaces from Vienna to submit – by 15 January 2024 – innovative and audacious exhibition projects that tackle head-on the global challenges of the climate crisis from a local perspective.