April 5th to July 14th, 2024

The Program

In its exhibitions, in public space, or in the framework of the festival program, the Klima Biennale Wien brings together current positions from the fields of international contemporary art, design, architecture, and science that usher the way for more socially and ecologically just relations in the world. Grounded in care and sustainability, challenging turbo-capitalist concepts, and transcending patriarchal and colonial paradigms in favor of collective, inclusive, and community-spirited strategies, the Biennale proposes concrete alternatives.

The Locations

Biennale Headquarters

As the organizing institution, the KunstHausWien is starting point, exhibition venue and Biennale headquarters. The museum will be a meeting place, a platform for information and exchange and a venue for artistic debate. The KunstHausWien will host a diverse program of discourse, workshops and events in the courtyard, foyer, garage and catering areas of the Biennale, and with “Into the Woods” (curator Sophie Haslinger) the museum will create a central exhibition contribution.

Festival area

The festival area of the first Klima Biennale Wien is being built on the site of the former Nordwestbahnhof railway station. Here, the vision of a sustainable and climate-friendly future in an urban environment will become a temporary reality. In addition to several exhibitions, a workshop and event space, a bar and restaurant area and islands to linger in, the festival area will become an experimental field for ideas, discussions and solutions that are intended to help tackle climate change in urban living spaces and enable a harmonious coexistence of people and nature. The central exhibition on the festival site is "Songs for the Changing Seasons", curated by Lucia Pietroiusti (Serpentine, London) and Filipa Ramos (Institute Art Gender Nature (IAGN), FHNW, Basel).

City program with partners

The interdisciplinary and interactive city and festival program contributes to a diverse, critical and multi-perspective culture of debate. In this way, the first Klima Biennale Wien spreads its vision into society in order to continue the themes of the exhibitions in dialog. The Biennale has a wide range of partners, including renowned exhibition venues, universities, elementary school and the independent art scene as well as other festivals and social institutions.